• Jason Brass

    President & Ceo

    Jason Brass

    Jason is originally from the Hamlet of Norval, near the Georgetown home of Terra Cotta Cookie Co. Jason has extensive experience in large scale food manufacturing, specifically Private Label and Contract Manufacturing. Jason prides himself on a family atmosphere at work, and along with his colleagues, is committed to making only the finest quality baked goods.


    MBA, Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario


    Original Chocolate Chip

    CONTACT Jason Brass:

    e: jbrass@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905.877.4216

  • Linda Ladd

    Director, Sales & Marketing

    Linda Ladd

    Linda has had a diversified career in increasingly senior positions in marketing, sales and research across Canada and the U.S. Over the past 14 years with Terra Cotta Cookie Co. she has been responsible for sales and marketing activities, serving to over 2500 schools and other clients. She lives in Georgetown with her Great Dane.


    Bachelor of Commerce at Concordia University



    CONTACT Linda Ladd:

    e: lladd@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905.877.4216

  • Kym Taal

    Key Account & Fundraising Manager

    Kym Taal

    Kym grew up in Oakville, Ontario and now lives by the scenic village of Terra Cotta. She has experience in restaurant marketing and has been involved in helping many fundraisers. She is passionate about sports and community involvement. She is on the search for any one who may benefit from a fun and delicious fundraiser.


    BA, University of Western Ontario


    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

    CONTACT Kym Taal:

    e: ktaal@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905-877-4216

    m: 905-452-4453

  • Tammy Bossy

    Director of Planning and Procurement

    Tammy Bossy

    Tammy was raised in Milton and has resided with her family in Georgetown since 1997. With 18 years of dedicated service with Terra Cotta Cookies, Tammy has personally seen this company expand and grow to new levels beyond her expectations. She prides herself with quality relationships with existing and potential customers and vendors, as well as our own staff.


    BA, Wilfrid Laurier University


    White Chocolate Fudge DeLite

    CONTACT Tammy Bossy:

    e: tbossy@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905.877.4216

  • Janine Parker

    Accounts Receivables/Payables

    Janine Parker

    Janine grew up in Georgetown, home of Terra Cotta Cookies. She has been with the company
    since 2001. Her role with Terra Cotta has evolved over the years and is now mainly accounting.
    For fun, Janine enjoys travelling in her fifth wheel. Her dream is to travel all over Canada.


    White Chocolate Fudge DeLite

    CONTACT Janine Parker:

    e: jparker@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905.877.4216

  • Debbie Degenaar

    Customer Service

    Debbie Degenaar

    Debbie grew up in Owen Sound, and has lived in Halton Hills with her family since 2006.
    With almost 20 years experience in Customer Service, she loves assisting schools ordering for our school program and serving the public in our retail store with yummy treats!
    Her daughter thinks it is cool that her mom works in the office at a cookie factory in town!


    Oatmeal Raisin Dough Drops

    CONTACT Debbie Degenaar:

    e: orders@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905.877.4216

  • Praveena Thirunathan

    R&D and QA Manager

    Praveena Thirunathan

    Praveena grew up in beautiful Vancouver and now lives in Guelph, where she spends her free time hiking and checking out the latest restaurants. She is passionate about developing new and exciting baked goods for Terra Cotta Foods.


    MASc, University of Guelph
    BSc, University of British Columbia



    CONTACT Praveena Thirunathan:

    e: praveena@terracottacookies.com

    p: 905.877.4216