1. How far in advance do I need to place orders?

We require a minimum of a 1 week notice for delivery orders. Please view our delivery schedule to find your areas designated delivery day.

2. How can I make a payment for my order?

You may pay by credit at the time of ordering, or we can forward an invoice to your school. You can then provide our delivery driver with a school cheque.

Cheques can be made out to Terra Cotta Foods Ltd. Should you require to mail the cheque our office address is: 9-36 Armstrong Ave. Georgetown, On, L7G 4R9

3. What if I miss placing my order on time?

You will be required to wait the following week for your delivery day or you have the option to pick up your order. Pick up orders require a 48-hour notice. Pickup is always available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

4. Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, orders of 3 or more cases have a $6 delivery fee. 1-2 cases will be charged a $15.00 delivery fee.

5. Can I set up a standing order?

Yes! Contact our Order Desk for details. If you feel that your standing order may change over the coming school year, please contact the order desk with the appropriate changes. All changes must be made 1 week prior to your delivery.

6. When should I expect my delivery?

Product will be delivered to schools within school hours. We cannot guarantee morning deliveries and advise schools to plan their cookie days the day after delivery so that there will be no pressure in waiting for the cookies to arrive on time.

Please review our delivery schedule as each city has a different delivery day.

7. Do we have to keep our cookies frozen? How long can they stay out of a freezer?

Cookies are best kept frozen and thawed for a few hours on the day of serving. Our cookies do not contain any preservatives; therefore, they will spoil like any homemade cookies. If no freezer storage is available, you may keep them in a cool room (off the floor) and they will remain good for 1 week.

Reach out to our school program manager for more information regarding our Freezer Program to receive a free freezer on loan!

8. Do your cookies meet all Ontario Guidelines for PPM150?

Yes! Our Delite cookies are both low in fat and high in fibre. They fit into the 80% Sell Most Category. This means you can serve these cookies for 80% of the makeup of your snack programs. We do offer seasonal varieties in the 20% category as well; these can make up 20% of overall snack programs.

9. Where can I find nutritional information and ingredients?

Nutritional Facts and Ingredients are on our website at Nutritional Facts and Cookie Ingredients.

10. Do you have any Dairy-Free Cookie options?

Yes, we do. Many of our cookies are dairy free. We provide a list of all our cookie ingredients on our website which you can review. This will help you determine which cookie best fits your dietary restrictions.

We also offer a Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie.

11. Do you offer Gluten-Free Items?

Yes, we have individually wrapped Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip, as well.

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